post production

Anna lost her child in a car accident and her grief causes her to distance herself from her surroundings. Feeling numb, Anna decides to take her own life.

Miraculously Anna survives and wakes up in a nursing home, where she gets to know a male nurse and a young boy. Her new relationships slowly make Anna come back to herself, and she finds hope to be able to continue on living. But still haunted by her past Anna can't seem to be able to separate her inner demons and fantasy from the reality around her.

A very personal project. I just wrapped the main shoot and started the post production process.

financing process started

A Malian migrant and his friend are set off to cross the border from Morocco into the Spanish enclave of Melilla. After a failed attempt to climb the long and treacherous fence separating Africa and Europe, he and his companions are split up and thrown into different circumstances.

Trying to find new ways to go back, their paths criss cross as they encounter fellow migrants whose lives are similarly threatened. They are forced to question their ideals and morals, and must ask themselves how far they are willing to go to accomplish their goals.

Based on current events. We've just started the financing process of the film. You can read more about the research of my project under the Photography section.